Movie: Jeff, Who Lives at Home


Really good movie, but too many “zoom” shots — just a suggestion for the director for their next film….


Welcome 2012!


I’m back!

Finland, here I come…


I booked my flight to Finland for this summer. I'm looking forward to it!



I am going to lose at least five more pounds before the end of June.

Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?!


Wow. Hasbro has created the Oozinator, a water gun that shoots white milky gobs of ooze. My first thought is how did this make it past the managers, board of directors, QA, focus groups, and lawyers? But then again, I am not a toy manufacturer. Maybe there will be a huge market for this toy.

You just need to watch the video to see what I am talking about. Or you can purchase one for yourself.

P.S. Bonus points if you can tell me where my post title is from (without using Google)

Nyquil is my new best friend


I will know that I am over my cold when my ears unplug themselves.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow? *fingers crossed*

New Category – bui


In a blatent plagarism of Bill's idea, I have now created a new blog category for posts made under the influence.   However, instead of calling the category drunk I will call it bui – blogging under the influence. 



Like approximately 123.5% of the world population I also made a New Year's resolution to lose weight.

I started the Atkins diet sometime in January. Since starting my diet I have lost 20 pounds.

I checked today and my current BMI of 23.6 is now in the "normal" range. w00t!

Say Again?


I wear earplugs every time I ride my motorcycle. I do this because wind noise at freeway speeds is plenty loud enough to damage hearing. A helmet by itself does not block enough of this noise so earplugs are a must.

A few years ago I bought a sampler pack of earplugs in order to find out which brand worked best for me. I ended up going with the Howard Leight MAX brand myself. Twenty-one dollars for 200 pairs of earplugs is cheap hearing protection.

Yes, it is technically against the law to wear earplugs. On the few (*cough*) occasions that I have been pulled over on my motorcycle the fact that I was wearing earplugs never came up. I just don't see ticketing motorcyclists for wearing earplugs as an enforcement priority of the police department at this time.

At first I was worried about not being able to hear horns or sirens while riding. That turned out to not be a problem at all. Earplugs block much of the wind noise but you can still hear horns and sirens just fine.

A pleasant side effect of wearing earplugs is that I end a long ride feeling much more rested. I think this is because my brain isn't trying to process all that loud background noise for hours at a time.

If you do decide to try wearing earplugs give it at least a week or two before giving up. It took that long for my ears to get used to the feeling of wearing earplugs. Now I can't imagine riding without them.

Laptops at 41,000 feet


So this is my first flight in years with a laptop.

I am sitting here on the plane writing my blog entry. If I had more e-mails to respond to I would, but as I am flying down to meet my new co-workers I don’t really have many messages in my inbox yet. No big grandiose proclamations or insights.

I just wanted to write a post from 41,000 feet.