Mad Props to pfSense

I decided to replace my existing Linksys router with a new firewall tonight.

I wanted to learn how use FreeBSD’s pf (packet filter) application. Since I use Vonage for my telephone service I also wanted a solution that implemented QoS/Traffic Shaping so that my phone call network traffic would be prioritized over other traffic. This necessitated learning about the ALTQ application. According to the FreeBSD Handbook pf is included in the base system but installing ALTQ requires recompiling the FreeBSD kernel.

While not overly complicated, installing and configuring those packages was going to take time. I would rather just jump to the fun stuff of configuring and playing with a new firewall.

Just then I ran across the pfSense project. These guys have already spent the time setting up FreeBSD with pf, ALTQ, and a whole bunch of other stuff and released it on a bootable CD. There was no sense in reinventing the wheel so I slapped the CD into an old computer and within 15 minutes I had a new firewall with a snazzy web interface and more features then my old router.

This is a great example of being able to stand on the shoulders of other people. A great big thank you to the pfSense team for allowing me to get to the “fun stuff” sooner.


2 Responses to “Mad Props to pfSense”

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