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Mac fan boys…


My roommate Bill is a diehard Mac fan boy. I say that with all due respect because his fandom is the reason why there is a nice shiny new Intel Core Duo iMac sitting in the common room. Since Bill already has a high end Power Mac for his main computer that means that there is never a line to use the iMac.

The OS X operating system is very nice. I can see why Bill likes it so much. It is true when they say that with a Mac everything “just works.”

A case in point is the OS X Address Book. The Address Book can store a picture of each contact. Coming from a Windows world I just “knew” that I would need to first resize/crop any pictures that I wanted to put into the address book — after all that is how adding a photo to an Outlook Contact works. Imagine my surprise when I decided to try dropping an unedited picture onto an Address Book entry. The Address Book allowed me to resize/crop the photo from right within the application. That was a very nice touch. Kudos.